Specialists in Dutch Notarial Law Nederlandse versie
De Notaris Vertalingen • DNV Translations is a select group of translators specialising in Dutch notarial law. We provide tailored services to highly specialized law firms in the Netherlands known as notariskantoren.

Our team combines the legal expertise of a former deputy civil-law notary with the linguistic precision of certified translators to support Dutch civil-law notaries in their communications with clients who do not speak Dutch – let alone Dutch legalese.

De Notaris Vertalingen • DNV Translations specializes in the translation of a wide range of legal documents for the Dutch market, including deeds relating to:

  • title transfers;
  • share transfers;
  • incorporation and formation;
  • prenuptial, postnuptial, and partnership agreements;
  • testaments; and
  • division.

Whatever your translation needs are for doing business in the Netherlands, rely on the specialists in Dutch notarial law at De Notaris Vertalingen • DNV Translations.